Campaign accounts 2022: Marine Le Pen seized Constitutional Council

The candidate of the national rally in the presidential election of 2022 disputes the decision of the National Commission for Campaign Accounts and Political Funding not to reimburse the flocking of her campaign buses.

by Laura Motet

It was one month to contest the decision of the National Commission for Campaign Accounts and Political Finance (CNCCFP) not to reimburse certain expenses made during its presidential campaign. Two days before the deadline, on January 18, Marine Le Pen seized the Constitutional Council of an appeal, learned MO12345lemonde Wednesday January 25, confirming information from Liberation and the letter A.

The details of the CNCCFP’s decision is not known for the time being. According to the treasurer of the national rally, Kévin Pfeffer, the candidate disputes the absence of reimbursement of the flocking of twelve buses in her effigy. From the municipal elections of 2020, the CNCCFP considers these dressings as wild displays, strictly applying article L51 of the electoral code, according to which “any display relating to the election (…) is prohibited outside [official panels of Display and] of the panels (…) of free expression “.

” a mobile permanence “

“We believe that our coach was a mobile permanence. They stopped on the markets, we offered coffee inside. They did not turn empty throughout France”, explains Mr. Pfeffer, Who adds that his party had provisioned enough to face a possible refusal of reimbursement of the CNCCFP. The latter had already found the flocking of bus during the regional elections of 2021 for several heads of party lists, including Sébastien Chenu, up to 15,700 euros.

CNCCFP decisions concerning the other candidates for the presidential election were not disputed by the latter. They will be published in the Official Journal Friday January 27.

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