United States: Ministry of Justice continues Google for abuse of dominant position

The ministry and eight American states filed a complaint on Tuesday to ask the justice to condemn the Californian group for breach of competition law on the online advertising market. > MO12345LEMONDE with AP and AFP

The US Ministry of Justice as well as eight American states filed a complaint against Google, Tuesday, January 24, for its “monopoly” exercised on the online advertising market, according to a judicial document. The Internet research giant is already faced with other competition law.

“Google used anti -competitive, excluding and illegal methods to eliminate, or drastically reduce, any threat to its domination on technologies used for digital advertising”, accuses the American authority, in particular by “systematically taking control of ‘A wide variety of high-tech tools used by publishers, advertisers and other market players “, which are employed” almost by all websites “.

The antitrust complaint was filed with the Federal Court of Alexandria, Virginia. States associating with the pursuit launched by the ministry are California, Virginia, Connecticut, Colorado, New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island and Tennessee. The prosecutor general of the United States, Merrick Garland, must detail the situation at a press conference which must be held later on Tuesday.

other proceedings and a conviction in France

The representatives of Alphabet Inc., the mother company of Google, have not yet made a comment.

This is the latest legal action initiated against Google by the US Ministry of Justice or the governments of the federal states. In October 2020, the Trump administration and eleven state -of -the -art prosecutors, for example, pursued Google for violation of antitrust laws, alleging anti -competitive practices on the research and advertising markets on search engines.

Legal action essentially aligns the administration of Joe Biden and the new States on the thirty-five states and the District of Colombia which continued Google in December 2020 for the same reasons.

Google was already convicted in France in June 2021 for abusing its dominant position in advertising. Acknowledged, the digital giant was inflicted a fine of 220 million euros and had committed to modify its practices.

This was a world first on the auction market complex in Display advertising – the paving stones, banners and dressings that accompany the content of a website. The case was also new because Google had chosen a transaction procedure negotiated with the Competition Authority, rather than contesting the conclusions.

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