Forest lights: in France, in middle of summer, burned surface is more important than on all 2019

In a graph – particularly dry summer has favored fires everywhere in France, at a level never recorded in recent years.


Gironde, Morbihan, Finistère, Isère, Corsica or Dordogne… The list of departments and regions affected during the summer of 2022 by fires – or even megafeux – of forest lengthens. The number of hectares burned by the flames has already exceeded, in early August, the level reached over the whole of 2019, previous “record”.

According to data from the European Forest Fire Information System (effis, based on the observations of the Copernicus space program), France had exceeded on July 16 the maximum previous recorded on the same date since 2006, with 41,250 hectares of forests who left for smoke.

The exceptional situation observed in France is found in our European neighbors, since we identify almost four times more fires on the old continent in 2022 than the previous fifteen years.

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