Cuba: violent explosion of an oil depot runs health and economic risks

Video Friday August 5, lightning fell on an oil depot in Matanzas, Cuba. After five days of fierce struggle, the fire was under control, but the health risks are significant due to the thick smoke that has escaped. The population also fears the economic consequences.


The mask is again of rigor in Cuba, in the coastal region of Matanzas. It is not a question of protecting against an epidemic recovery from the COVVI-19 but of protecting yourself from the dangers of thick smoke which has escaped an oil depot on which lightning fell on the 5th august. An important fire destroyed four of the eight reservoirs of the deposit. The latter provided a large part of the country in fuel, underlines Daleis Macias, resident of the city of 140,000 inhabitants.

“Everything will become more difficult”, worries Yania Calera, a resident of Matanzas. Even before this major fire, the island already suffered fuel shortages and power cuts. The thousands of litters of lost oil weigh a significant risk on the fragile economy of the country.

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