“brilliant” success of Ukrainian offensives

The maneuvers of kyiv’s troops continue to go up in cadence and jostle the Russian forces simultaneously on several portions of the front line.

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In the Kharkiv region, the Ukrainian army released Borova (5,000 inhabitants), the last city in the region still occupied, according to unofficial sources. The operation, carried out between Sunday 2 and Monday, October 3, was not confirmed by the Ukrainian staff. The Russian forces leave their last positions in the Kharkiv region and seem to have received the order to withdraw a few tens of kilometers further east, to maintain control of the P-66 road. This north-south refueling axis is crucial to hold industrial conurbation Lyssytchansk-Sievierodonetsk-Roubijne, which the Russian army took more than four months to conquer.

The Telegram Pro-Kremlin Rybar channel indicates that a Ukrainian offensive is in preparation on Svatove, a city controlling the P-66 road, where Russian reinforcements have arrived in recent days. “Many will depend on how we have prepared these agglomerations [in particular Svatove, Roubijne, Kreminna and Starobils] for the defense (…). The Ukrainians demonstrate that they have the speed and the initiative, as well as a competent artillery and recognition, “recognizes Starche Eddy, a Russian fighting blogger.

Details emerged on Monday on the resumption of the city of Lyman by the Ukrainians, during the weekend. Contrary to what several Ukrainian official commentators had said, the encirclement of the Russian forces was not complete, and the bulk of the troops was not taken prisoner. On the other hand, images shot after the battle prove that the withdrawal went wrong for the Russian forces, with columns of destroyed vehicles and roads strewn with Russian corpses. “The Russian forces could have withdrawn from Lyman in time and with fewer losses, but, so as not to spoil the spectacle of the annexation wanted by Putin [by means of referendum simulacra], the high command has decided to hold until ‘At the end. Consequently, retirement was organized too late, which is why the loss of staff and equipment was so important, “notes the daily report of the group of expert Conflict Intelligence Team. “Lyman’s rail node allowed Russians to easily supply the front with as many ammunition and materials as necessary. Now, we have to take Svatove and Kreminna to break Russian logistics and release Lyssytchansk”, predicts Iouri Bereza, a commander From the Ukrainian National Guard, which notes that around Bakhmout The situation is more difficult, because the Russians are very well supplied by railway to Donetsk.

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