Issue of GIT 2.38 source management system

presented the distributed system of management of the source texts git 2.38 . GIT is one of the most popular, reliable and high -performance versions management systems that provide flexible means of nonlinear development, based on branching and fusion of branches. To ensure the integrity of history and resistance to changes in “retroactively”, implicit hashing the entire previous story in each community is also possible, it is also possible to certify the digital signatures of the developers of individual tags and commits. Participation of 92 developers, of which 24 first took part in development. Basic innovations :

  • The main composition includes the utility “ scalar “, developed Microsoft for managing large repository. The utility was originally written in the language of C#, but GIT includes Reduced Option in the language of SI.
    The new utility differs from the Git team by the inclusion of additional features and settings that affect performance when working with very large repositories. For example, when using
    Scalar is used:

  • The “Git Rebase” command is added an option –update-Refs “to update dependent branches intersecting with moving branches, so as not to manually perform Checkout operations to each dependent switch to the required commune.
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