Murderous jostling in Indonesia: sanctioned police officers, NGOs ask for an independent investigation

The first sanctions fell on Mondae police chief on Malang, Ferli Hidayat, and the suspension of nine police officers, according to the spokesperson for the national police spokesman Dedi Prasetyo, on Monday. p Class = “Caption”> Le Monde with AFP

Indonesian authorities announced first sanctions after the murderous stampede this weekend in a stadium in Indonesia, one of the worst dramas in football history. The crowd movement left 125 dead, including 32 children, and more than 300 injured, some of whom are in critical condition, in hospitals in the city of Malang, in the east of the island of Java.

Faced with the anger of the public, the spokesman for the national police Dedi Prasetyo announced the dismissal of the chief of police of the city of Malang, Ferli Hidayat, and the suspension of nine police officers. The Minister responsible for security, Mahfud MD, had called Indonesian police earlier to “identify” people who “have perpetrated crimes”, and to rage.

The drama on Saturday evening at the Kanjuruhan stadium in Malang took place when fans of the local team of Arema FC entered the field after the defeat of their team (3 to 2) against that of Persebaya Surabaya, the neighboring city. Police reacted by pulling lash gas volley to the crowded stands of the stadium, full with 42,000 spectators present, according to the authorities.

the use of tear gas grenades in question

The spectators then rushed en masse towards narrow doors where many of them were trampled and muffled, according to witnesses. Police, of which two agents were killed during the drama, described the incident as a “riot”. But the survivors accuse him of having reacted excessively and caused the death of several dozen people. A witness assured that the police had refused to intervene at the time of the fatal crowd movement.

The national police spokesman said that the investigators analyzed images of stadium surveillance cameras to identify “suspects that have proceeded to destruction”. They also interviewed 28 police officers, in particular with regard to the use of tear gas grenades on the site.

The president of the Malang football club, Gilang Widya Pramana, spoke, crying on Monday on television:

“As president of the Arema FC club, I get full responsibility for the incidents that have occurred. I present my deep apologies to the victims, their families, Indonesians and La Liga 1 [the first local division]. “

His team visited the drama site on Monday, dressed in black t-shirts to pay tribute to the victims and deposit flowers, before gathering on the ground for prayers.

financial compensation For families of victims

For his part, Indonesian President Joko Widodo announced the opening of an investigation on Sunday. On Monday, he promised the payment of compensation to the families of victims of 50 million rupees ($ 3,200). But several human rights groups have required an independent investigation.

“We call on the authorities to conduct a quick, in -depth and independent investigation into the use of tear gas in the stadium, and to ensure that the people who committed these offenses are judged publicly,” said Amnesty International in a press release. “These loss of human life cannot remain unanswered,” added the NGO.

Human Rights Watch asked the International Football Federation (FIFA) to carry out its own investigation and make it public. FIFA president Gianni Infantino called the drama as “tragedy beyond the imaginable”.

Minister Mahfud MD said that members of the commission of inquiry would notably be chosen from members of the government, analysts, football, media and academics worlds. The authorities will announce the results of the survey as soon as possible, he said, considering that “the mission could be concluded in the next two or three weeks”.

The violence of supporters is a long -standing problem in Indonesia, where the rivalries between clubs have often given rise to fatal clashes. For the match on Saturday, fans of Persian Surabaya had not been allowed to buy tickets, fear of incidents.

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