In Moscow’s recruitment offices, resignation, fear and anger

The mobilization decreed by the Kremlin in response to the decline in its forces in Ukraine is set up, in a massive and chaotic way. Unlike the promises of the authorities, men without experience of combat are enlisted.


On a Muscovite sidewalk corner, two men are happily going by giving themselves large tapes on the back. A small and a large, a leather jacket and a sports jacket. Ten minutes ago, they didn’t know each other; Soon they will go together for the Ukrainian front. “We are like that, in our country, warm, laughs Andreï, the little one. And then the proverb says it well, the misery unit.”

In ten minutes, in front of the iron door of the Recruitment Bureau on Pethatnikov Street, the two had time to be a whole series of common points: both have a large family, a large family, an addiction to cigarette. And both work in ventilation: Andreï runs a small company, fourteen employees; Anatoly, the Great, is a technician. Above all, both are patriots, supporters of “the special operation” launched by Vladimir Putin in Ukraine. They will fight clear consciousness, failing to have a completely light heart.

“I prefer that it is me rather than my children in a few years, explains Anatoly, 47, who received his summons the day before, Wednesday, September 21. I did not jump for joy, of course, but that To do? Opposite, there are 200,000 Ukrainian soldiers, Arab mercenaries, French … You have to go there, despite fear, despite our women who would like to hold us back. You will be cold this winter because From this Biden’s stupid … To each his destiny. “

Near speech for Andreï, 41 years old. The war, since it is good that it is, was “imposed on Russia by an aggressive Western and too benevolent towards Nazism”. “Many people flee their responsibilities, leave the country, so someone has to go, even we.”

“If the television lies, we will know fairly quickly …”

“Even we”, because the other common point of Andrei and Anatoly is that they have no experience of combat. The two did their military service more than two decades ago, in peacetime, and since then, they have not seen the cannon of a kalashnikov.

The day before, Vladimir Putin and his Minister of Defense, Sergei Choigou, assured, however, that the mobilization concerned men “in priority” with combat experience or members of the active reserve, but also younger. “It is not up to us to question their decisions,” argue Andreï and Anatoly, who will be enlisted as simple soldiers. Do they think, at least, that the army will live up to their determination? “The soldiers we see on television are well equipped, says Andreï. After, if television lies, we will know fairly quickly …”

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