Issue of Weston Composite server 11.0

After eight months of development published Stable release of the composite server weston 11.0 , developing technologies that contribute to the emergence of a full support for the Wayland protocol in Enlightenment, Gnome, KDE and other user environment. The development of Weston is aimed at providing a high-quality code base and work examples for using Wayland in desktop delays and built-in solutions, such as platforms for automobile information and entertainment systems, smartphones, televisions and other consumer devices. Project code spreads under the license mit.

The change of a significant version of the Weston version is due to ABI changes that violate compatibility. Changes in the new Weston branch:

  • Continued work on infrastructure to control color that allows you to transform colors, perform gamma correction and work with color profiles. Including the possibility of setting up an ICC profile for a monitor and reflecting flowers from SRGB in it. Supporting the transfer of the monitor to the HDR mode also appeared, but the formation of HDR content has not yet been implemented.
  • preparations for the implementation in one of the following support issues simultaneously performing several backens, for example, for withdrawal via KMS and RDP.
  • In the DRM, a base was created for future support for configurations with several GPU.
  • Various improvements associated with support for RDP backend for remote access to the contents of the screen.
  • increased productivity DRM.
  • Added support for the Single-Pixel-Buffer protocol, which allows you to create single-pixel buffers, including four 32-bit RGBA values. Using the ViewPorter protocol, a composite server can scald single -pixel buffers to create homogeneous color surfaces of arbitrary size.
  • Reduced implementation of Weston_buffer.
  • Outdated by the CMS-STATIC and CMS-Colord.
  • Desktop-Shell is excluded support by several working spaces and scaling.
  • Continuity of the protocol WL_SHELL, which was replaced by XDG-SHELL.
  • FBDEV is deleted, instead of which you should use the KMS bacand.
  • The components of Weston-Launch, Launcher-Direct, Weston-Info and Weston-GEARS are removed, instead of which the LibSEA and Wayland-Info library should be used.
  • by default, the KMS-School of Max-BPC.
  • Emergency completion of work was ensured by exhaustion of free memory in the system.
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