Back to school: health protocol put at level “base”, lowest

All students will be welcomed in face -to -face without physical distancing or compulsory mask. Sports activities will be authorized without restriction, and there will be no limitation of the brewing between groups of students.

Le Monde

Back to school scheduled for Thursday 1 er September in France will be done according to a health protocol at the lowest level, known as “base”, announced Pap Ndiaye, the Minister of the ‘National Education, Tuesday August 23 during a meeting with the unions, according to information from Parisian . “This is the base level, which is already the level applied to Reunion and Mayotte,” reported Jean-Rémi Girard, president of the National Syndicate of High Schools and Colleges (SNALC).

At this alert level, all primary school and high school students will be able to take face -to -face lessons without physical distancing. Physical and sports activities will be authorized indoors and outdoors without restriction. There will be no limitation of brewing between groups of students, or specific development in the canteen.

Respect for barrier gestures such as wearing the mask, regular wash of hands or the ventilation of premises remains recommended by prevention, without any obligation. Thus, the rules applied to the entire population by the health authorities are those applied in the school environment, as provided for The new” health frame “, formalized on July 19.

Professors who ask for it may receive surgical masks, said the Ministry of National Education for Unions. According to Le Parisien, a total of 61.5 million masks will be sent to academies and self -tests would be provided by pharmacies, at least to All Saints’ Day.

a period of ten days between the Announcement and application

Pap Ndiaye had announced in early August that the protocol would be decided “ten days before the start of the school year for all or part of the territory”, depending on the situation of the COVVI-19 epidemic, the new health framework providing for such a period Between the announcement of a protocol and its date of implementation.

The new protocol provides for a “base” level of general recommendations and three levels of specific measures, applied according to the epidemic situation of the country: level 1, green, known as “moderate vigilance”, level 2, orange, “Increased vigilance” and level 3, red, corresponding to a “very unfavorable evolution”.

These levels will be applicable nationally or locally throughout the school year. They aim to offer, depending on the circulation of the virus, progressive measures ensuring the safety of children and educational teams while maintaining open schools. According to this new protocol, the reception of students can only be made face, unless the red level, provided for in the event of a very degraded health situation, is activated. A “hybridization” system between distant and face -to -face can then be set up in high school, depending on the local context.

The waltz of health protocols at school, especially during the winter of 2021-2022, established due to the COVVI-19 epidemic, had exasperated teachers and parents of students, often in difficulty to follow the rules enacted.

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