Semiconductors: Globalfoundries and Stmicroelectronics announce construction of a factory in Grenoble

This new factory should create approximately a thousand additional jobs, for an investment estimated at 5.7 billion euros.

Le Monde with AFP

Manufacturers of semiconductor Globalfoundries (American) and Stmicroelectronics (Franco-Italian) will build a factory near Grenoble to produce semiconductors, for an investment estimated at 5.7 billion euros, according to the two companies and the French government.

The new factory should create around a thousand additional jobs in Crolles, where Stmicroelectronics already has an important manufacturing site, and will benefit from “significant financial support from the French State”, according to the two companies.

The project is the spearhead of the investment program and the “Choose France” summit, which welcomes leaders of large foreign companies to convince them to invest in France. This summit is held Monday July 11 at the Palace of Versailles in the presence of the President of the Republic, Emmanuel Macron.

An essential component

The new factory “will significantly contribute to the objectives of the European Plan” Chips Act “, one of the goals of which is to bring the production capacity of Europe to 20 % of global capacity by 2030”, said the two companies in a press release.

“This major investment over several years aims not only to produce semiconductors in advanced technologies in Europe, but also to support leadership and resilience of European technological ecosystems, research and development in production in Large volumes, and thus meet the demand of European and global customers “, can also be read in the press release. The semiconductors produced in the new factory will serve in particular for the final markets “such as the automobile, the industrialist, the IoT (the Internet of Things) and the communication infrastructure”.

Semiconductors are to electronics what oil is to industry: an essential component, but often invisible, present in computers, video game consoles, smartphones, televisions, cars, cars, Airplanes, washing machines, air conditioning temperature sensors, solar panels …

But the demand for electronic devices of all kinds has increased spectacular since the start of the pandemic, between the boom in telework and leisure at home. To the point of slowing down other sectors that are greedy, such as the automobile.

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