Pricing shield of prolonged gas until end of 2022

With the extension of this device, the government seeks to partially amortize the effects of the increase in energy prices.

Le Monde with reuters

Announced last fall, he had to end on June 30. The price shield that supervises gas prices was extended until December 31, 2022, announces a decree published Sunday June 26 in the Official Journal.

While Russia, subject to Western sanctions due to the war in Ukraine, limits its gas deliveries to the countries of the European Union, the French government extends a device which makes it possible to partially amortize the effects of The increase in energy prices.

100 % fill the gas reserves

France has also set itself the aim of 100 % completing its gas reserves by the end of the summer to cope with the tensions expected in next winter and it has more Long term acquiring a large methanier terminal floating in Le Havre to reduce his dependence on gas from Russia, announced Thursday Elisabeth Borne. Gas reserves are currently completed at around 60 % in France.

In this context, the leaders of the great French energeticians launched on Sunday a call to limit “immediately consumption” of energies, which will allow, according to them, France to find room for maneuver and confront the future consumption tips.

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