Oslo: 24 hours after killing, gay district refuses to go out

Despite the terrorist attack on the previous night which cost the life of two men and the cancellation of the LGBT parade, the Norwegian capital tries to find the taste of the night.


At the start of the evening, the window speakers sing Gimme loudly! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight), from Abba. Twenty-four hours after the killing, for his first evening after, Oslo refused to drape himself in black, as much as the music to be silent.

Despite the preceding night attack, the cancellation of the LGBT parade, the passage of the terrorist threat to its maximum level, this evening, they are nevertheless dozens and dozens piled up on the long terrace of the César, The gay bar closest to the shooting, at least one of those able to open this evening.

The day before, it was the Norwegian night that was touched in the heart. Friday, June 24, around 1:10 am, the alleged shooter opened fire near London Pub, an LGBT institution open to all, in the middle of the Oslo Pride festivities, the main feast of pride in sexual minorities in Norway.

In the tail that lengthens to be able to access the César, Allan, Iranian bodybuilded with big joker eyes, jokes in Farsi with his friend Afghan Jack, also born in Norway and double culture. If he comes to the César, it is above all because his girlfriend invited him. “But it is also to show our support. What happened yesterday, this shit was excruciating, useless.” A few minutes before, he was perro – in the tone of humor, he said – on The hypothesis of a new killer tonight. “But we are not going to barricade ourselves for them, it would only be missing that,” he said in a big guaranteed smile.

In others, it is above all the feverishness that predominates. “The day was hard for everyone, it was terrible, but we decided at the last moment to go out. We want to have fun, talk to other gays, forget,” explains Sandra Sagmyr, a 21 -year -old twig at the 21 deep blue eyes circled in LGBT symbols. She had come on purpose from Trondheim for her first Oslo Pride. With her girlfriend, they will leave before they even have entered.

 in solidarity, many people, often in tears and silent, have deposited flags Rainbow and flowers near the attack on the police, as a sign of solidarity, many people, often in tears and silent, have deposited rainbow flags and flowers near places of the attack curly by the police.

celebration cries and traumatic flashes

In the interior of the César, the reborn party disputes it with emotion. Old friends fall into their arms for long minutes, motionless. One of the servers circulates in the aisles, his face closed like a stone. One of the two victims was his friend.

Halvor Sebastian, 55, cowboy hat, in green kilt on a black shirt, was at London pub the day before. He tells, in a somewhat lost soft voice:

“I was ordering a beer. I had already drunk four or five, so my mind was already well fluffed. The bar window stole, and the fire alarm started . People were rushing inside. I didn’t understand, I said to myself, they are stupid, if there is a fire, why do they come back instead of? I was drunk. I tried to Fraying my way to one of the fire doors. I arrived in the street. There were bodies and blood everywhere. A man had come back, the clothes rolled up. He was dead. The police were already there . I have military training, so instinctively, I started to clean the road and move the furniture from the bar, to facilitate the passage of rescue, you see? I no longer had any notion of the time, everything was blur. At one point, the police told me that it was good, that I had to go. I went back to see the bartender, I asked him for a last beer. (Mimicing a face Liver) He said to me: No, Sebastian. So I went out, I did a few meters in the street. And I melted into tears. “

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