PAP NDIAYE announces an increase in remuneration for teachers in 2023

In an interview with the “Parisian”, the Minister of National Education also promises a professor in each class at the start of the school year, despite the recruitment difficulties encountered by his ministry.

Le Monde

A determined minister, despite the uncertainties that hover over the government. in a long interview with Parisian , published on Sunday, June 26, Pap Ndiaye S ‘ Expresses for the first time since his appointment and specifies his ambitions at the head of the Ministry of Education. He notably announces upcoming wage increases for teachers.

“The increase in remuneration will be made up of two shares. The first will be not conditioned and will apply to all teachers. This implies the starting salary of young people above 2,000 euros net. It will be in 2023. In addition, we will set up a salary part raised to new tasks. “

In this river interview, Mr. Ndiaye also promised “a teacher in front of each class at the start of the school year” despite the recruitment problems facing national education.

The Minister also reports that National Education has counted 627 reports for damage to secularism from December 2021 to March 2022 in schools, colleges and high schools.

These figures are “overall stable” compared to the first three months of the 2021-2022 school year (nine less reports) but the share of religious outfits in the total has increased and these represent 22 % of the total reports, said the minister. They have been controversial in recent weeks in the media, and have been proscribed since the 2004 law on ostensible religious signs.

less verticality

On the optional return of at least 1 h 30 math for all in the first trunk of first, Mr. Ndiaye should make this time volume “compulsory in 2023”. “This is the most likely hypothesis,” he said.

While making a wish of less “verticality” than his predecessor, Jean-Michel Blanquer, and by pleading for the school to reduce more school inequalities, Mr. Ndiaye is placed in the “continuity” of the action Led in recent years and reaffirms that he will not return to Parcoursup and the reform of the school.

The Minister, who was criticized by the extreme right from his appointment, also indicated in this interview in his eyes, there is “no compromise” to have with the national rally (RN) , adding that this was his “political compass”. “The RN has a long history which is deeply anchored in anti-republicanism. It is not because the National Front speaks of the Republic, that it is republican,” he continued, targeting national preference .

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