Warsaw: Polish and Ukrainians paraded together at Pride

Several thousands of people gathered in the streets of the Polish capital on Saturday for the equal rights of LGBTQ+ persons and for peace in Ukraine, on the occasion of the twenty-third parade of equality Warsovienne and the march of the pride of kyiv, “relocated” because of the war.


In the middle of the procession in Warsaw, Saturday June 25, Oksana advances a good step, Ukrainian flag on her back. Behind her, the “Women’s strike” truck – a Polish organization defending the right to abortion – displays a banner in the colors of Ukraine inviting the crowd to be “brave like Ukraine”. For the first time in their history, kyiv and Warsaw walk together for the equal rights of LGBTQ+ people and in solidarity with Ukraine, victim of Russian aggression.

“I have lived in Poland for six years and I have never had the opportunity to participate in the pride of kyiv, so I am delighted that she came to me, even if I would have preferred that She can be held in the Ukrainian capital, “said Oksana, 24, a Ukrainian student living in Warsaw. “It is the first march of the pride of my life,” exclaims by his side Anna, a Ukrainian who came to take refuge in Poland on the first day of the war.

“We have put our own claims aside so that this edition is also a solidarity march with Ukraine,” reports Julia Maciocha, director of the Foundation in charge of this 23 e parade Warsovian equality. The martial law in force in Ukraine as well as the state of siege makes all walking impossible in the Ukrainian capital, not to mention the security that is only relative. What justify that the Kyivpride, the march of Kievian pride, opted to parade in Warsaw.

“Our goal is to be visible: we walk against Russian aggression. If Ukraine is not sustained, the LGBTQ+ community will be eradicated, we will be the first to be chased, explains Lenny Emson, at the head of Kyivpride, who did not leave the Ukrainian capital when the fighting raged in its suburbs. It is also a way for us to be grateful to the Warsovian equality march, which has us Supported from the start of the war, by sending humanitarian aid. “

” Power made us the public enemy number one “

A dozen LGBTQ+ Ukrainian organizations were able to parade at the head of the procession, brandishing with one hand the rainbow flag and, on the other, a sign asking for the liberation of the Azovstal fighters-in Reference to the Ukrainian forces of Marioupol steelworks, passed in the hands of the Russians.

 Two women, one of which is wrapped in a Ukrainian flag, S ' Kiss during the Pride March, in Warsaw, June 25, 2022. two women, one of whom is wrapped in a flag Ukrainian, kissing during the pride march, in Varsov IE, June 25, 2022. Wojtek Radwanski/AFP

Beyond the Ukrainian cause, which Poland ardently defends since the start of the conflict, the LGBTQ+ communities of these two neighboring countries share A number of fights. “Poland understands us, LGBTQ+ have almost the same problems as us in terms of homophobia or transphobia,” says Lenny Emson. The two countries thus do not have an appropriate legal tool to pursue hate incentives based on gender or sexual orientation.

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