Issue SQLite DBMS 3.39

published release sqlite 3.39 , lightweight DBMS , designed in the form of a connected library. The SQLite code is distributed as a public domain, i.e. It can be used without restrictions and free of charge for any purpose. The financial support of SQLite developers is carried out by a specially created consortium, which includes companies such as Adobe, Oracle, Mozilla, Bentley and Bloomberg.

The main Changes :

  • Added support of operations right and Full external connection of tables -” ranght Outer Join ” And “ Full Outer Join “.
  • The new comparison operators are proposed – “ is not distinct from and” is Distinct from , which are identical to previously available operators” is and “is not” and are added to improve compatibility with SQL standards and postgreSQL.
  • On the Unix systems, the disclosure of all symbolic links in the database is ensured to determine the canonical name of the database before opening the file.
  • It is allowed to use Having expression for any aggregate queries, including not containing “Group by”.
  • numerous microoptimization, in total allowed to reduce the load on CPU in tests by 2.3%.
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