Emmanuel Macron confirms Elisabeth Borne to Matignon and burden of forming a “new government of action”

The Head of State does not exclude opening government ranks to other political forces but explicitly dismisses rebellious France and the national rally.

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While some were betting on a departure from the Prime Minister after the relative majority acquired by the presidential camp in the second round of the legislative elections, the Head of State decided to renew his confidence. In an interview with the agency France-Presse made public in the evening of Saturday June 25, Emmanuel Macron announces that she asked Elisabeth Borne to present to him at the end of next week “proposals” for “a new government of action” which will be appointed “in the first days of July”.

“When I returned from the summits of the G7 and NATO, the Prime Minister will submit proposals for a roadmap for the government of France in the coming months and the coming years, and also for the composition of ‘A new government of action at the service of France that we will put in place in the first days of July, “he said.

The announcement of this new government cast of the maintenance in Matignon of the former Minister of Labor, part of the opposition, demanded the departure to take into account the new political balance which was imposed on the ‘National Assembly. “The Prime Minister has my confidence in carrying out the government’s action over time for our country,” insists Emmanuel Macron. But this choice could also prefigure the appointment within the executive team of new representatives of political forces ready to cooperate with the majority. 2>

probe the opposition, from the Communists to LR

To do this, Emmanuel Macron instructed the government’s chef to probe the various parliamentary groups, whose leaders he already met at the start of the week before chaining diplomatic appointments from the European summit to those from the G7 and NATO, which will keep him away from the national political scene until next Thursday.

her to determine who would be ready to join a coalition government, to vote confidence in government on July 5, and to vote the state budget next fall. “I have confidence in our collective capacity to get there. I have confidence in the Prime Minister’s ability to bring them out. I have confidence in the spirit of responsibility of the government forces,” assures the head of the ‘State in this interview.

However, this outstretched hand in the various opposition groups is not intended for everyone and excludes, explicitly, rebellious France and the national rally. The possible allies, “they will be Communists to LR. The French have granted legitimacy to RN and LFI deputies and these parties have political training. I do not confuse extremes but by their expression, their positioning – I have always been Clear on this subject-, these training courses do not register as government parties, “he justifies.

” Neither taxes, nor debt “

Emmanuel Macron also specifies that “the basis of these discussions” between Elisabeth Borne and the representatives of the political class will be the “executive of the presidential project and that of the presidential majority which can be amended or enriched”. At the same time, the head of state traces several programmatic red lines on which he will not compromise.

Despite his setback in the legislative elections, Emmanuel Macron did not give up his pension reform aimed at “working longer as all our neighbors do, taking into account working conditions and therefore the rules of arduousness, in Taking into account long careers “. Furthermore, its “government of action” will increase “neither taxes nor debt”.

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