Wine project has released VKD3D 1.4 with implementation of Direct3d 12

Wine published the package vkd3d 1.4 with the implementation of Direct3d 12, which works through the call broadcasting to the graphic API VULKAN. The package includes LibVKD3D libraries with Direct3d 12, LibVKD3D-SHADER translators with a 4 and 5 model of shadeers and LIBVKD3D-UTILS with Direct3D3D3D3D 12 or also a set of demonstration examples, including the GLXGEARS port on DIRECT3D3D 12. DIRECT 12. Code a href=””> is distributed under the license lgplv2.1.

Libvkd3d Library supports Most of the Direct3D 12 capabilities, including funds for graphs and calculations, queues and lists of commands, descriptors and desecrators of heaps, root signatures, disordered access, sampler, command signatures, root constants, indirect (indirect) Clear*() () and Copy*().

LIBVKD3D-SHADER has a broadcast of the Baitcode 4 and 5 models of shaders in the intermediate representation of Spir-V. Verse, pixel, tesselement, computing and simple geometric shaders, serialization and desherialization of the root signature are supported. Of the shader instructions, arithmetic, atomic and bit operations, comparison and data control operators, Sample, Gather and Load instructions, disordered access (UAV, Unordered Access View).


in new version :

  • There are numerous improvements to the shaaders compiler in the language hlsl (High-level Shader Language), provided by DirectX 9.0.
  • A new implementation of heaps of descriptors (Descriptor Heap), using Vulkan- Expansion vk_ext_descriptor_indexing.
  • Added a new implementation borders (Fens), founded on the Vulkan expression k_khr_timeline_semaphore.

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