Boris Johnson: “A Ukrainian counter-offensive should be supported”

Questioned by “Le Monde” and three other European newspapers (“Corriere della will be”, “El Mundo”, “Süddeutsche Zeitung”), the British Prime Minister fears “a risk of fatigue” of the populations in Europe Avis of the war in Ukraine.

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Receiving in a Downing Street reception lounge which was the office of Margaret Thatcher, Boris Johnson explained his position on Ukraine, Brexit and the migratory question a few days before the G7 peaks, in Bavaria, and NATO, in Madrid.

different approaches appeared between the Western allies on the way of putting an end to the war in Ukraine. Do you fear that some countries are pressure for a negotiated and fast solution?

There is indeed a risk of “fatigue” with regard to Ukraine, a risk that people lose sight of the fact that it is an absolutely vital fight for our values. I am thinking of inflationist outbreaks in our countries, the cost of energy, foodstuffs that undoubtedly have an impact on the patience of our populations. We must continue to help Ukrainians to resist.

We cannot be more Ukrainian than them, they are the victims of Putin’s assault, it’s up to them to decide. But, if you go to Ukraine, if you speak to the Ukrainians, to President Zelensky, you will leave with the overwhelming impression that they will not give up their territory for peace. They do not want to accept a frozen conflict, a situation where Putin is able to continue to threaten them with new violence and attacks. This is why I was so satisfied when my three friends Emmanuel [Macron], Mario [Draghi, President of the Italian Council] and Olaf [Scholz, the German Chancellor] left kyiv [June 16], with the Idea that Ukraine had to win this war.

You repeat that Putin must fail, but that means “failure” in the case of nuclear power like Russia?

This is a very important point. When we say that Putin has to fail, none of us comments on Russian policy. We do not oppose Putin as president of Russia, but to Putin insofar as he has invaded a country in a completely unjustified manner. What I hear by failure is that his forces must be expelled from the regions of Ukraine invaded, we must at least return to the status quo before February 24. How to get there? We are at a time of rocking. In Donbass and eastern Ukraine, Putin’s armies are progressing slowly, undergoes horrible damage to Ukrainian cities and civilian populations, but with extreme expenditure in troops and high precision weapons.

According to our intelligence services, Russia could arrive at one point, in the coming months, where it will have used so much material and lost so many men that it will begin to exhaust its own resources. There will then be a possibility of helping Ukrainians not only to protect themselves from new Russian advances, but to reverse the steam. This is what I will assert in the G7. Insofar as Ukrainians can be able to set up a counter-offensive, it should be supported by the equipment they claim.

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