At Arras, Marine Le Pen calls “people of France” to rise in second round of presidential election

The far-right candidate gave his most violent speech on Thursday, the day after his missing debate, in a combative and populist register evoking his 2017 campaign.


Honeynce your honey one day, raw another. Marine Le Pen took another face at Arras, Thursday, April 21, twenty-four hours after his televised debate against Emmanuel Macron. In front of 3,000 supporters gathered for an ultimate meeting, she delivered the most violent speech of her presidential campaign, both populist, aggressive and threatening. Anger in the voice, the extreme right candidate entered the vivid by evoking his performance … by “the attitude of the candidate president”. “We have seen a nonchalant, condescending macron emmanuel and arrogance without limits. A president should not stand like that. But are we really surprised?” She started with whistles.

All the animosity contained on the Plateau de France 2-TF1 seemed to spill in this diatribe designed as his own defense: “I have enough of this permanent disrespect. I will be the president of respect for the French, and I know they desperately expect respect! “His opponent would be,” she said, “holder of a revealed truth” that no one could “challenge without suffering his mockery and his anathemas”.

As to rewrite the film, Marine Le Pen returned to his favorite themes, “massive and anarchic immigration” and “ensauvagement”. She cited “McKinsey”, which she had made the lips the day before. New hours. She instructed a “febrile” and “disrespectful” head of state, to the “disastrous record”, which “is actually a crancus”, while his own project would be “perfectly feasible, legally applicable, financially sustainable”, what ‘She failed to demonstrate during the debate of the between-tours.

“He had his luck, he failed, he was mostly shown who he was”, convinced Marine Le Pen, calling for a “anti-macron front”. “Since he wanted to reduce this appointment to a referendum, Banco!” She shouted in formulating his question: “Macron or France?” In the public, where the waves of flags did not falter, A militant then screamed three times: “macron hanging!”

 in the last meeting of the national gathering candidate, Arras, April 21, 2022.

Verbal Virulence

Marine Le Pen led the “violence” she says he had suffered towards this audience who the adulted. “Everyone, last night, understood that Emmanuel Macron did not like the French,” she bogged. She laundered “the anathema” extreme right “”, “as if you are here, as if the millions of French that I represent had anything to do with the far right!” On his project of Revise at the bottom of the Constitution by referendum, she accused: “It’s you he wants to get around!”

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