Climate change: city of Paris misses its objectives

Despite proactive plans, Parisian energy consumption has dropped only 5 % in fifteen years, instead of the 25 % targeted, according to the Regional Chamber of Accounts.


Lots of voluntarism, but insufficient results. This is Anne Hidalgo’s assessment in the fight against climate change, according to the Regional Chamber of Accounts of Ile-de-France. In an unprecedented report which must be debated during the next municipal council, from May 31, the regional magistrates have screened the action carried out by the town hall of Paris since 2004 to limit the warming of the climate, the priority displayed by the socialist mayor. Their conclusion is clear: the city has set “ambitious” objectives, but has failed to achieve them. This arouses doubts about the chances of success of the new “climate plan” adopted in 2018. “The results require being improved compared to the targeted trajectory”, recognizes Anne Hidalgo in her response sent on May 10 to the Chamber.

The beginning of the report turns out to be complimentary for the town hall of Paris. The city “joined its policy very early in its policy to fight against global warming”, by adopting a first “climate plan” in 2007, “five years before the law bearing national commitment to the environment imposed it”, The magistrates note. What is more, this plan included “ambitious encrypted objectives”, higher than those targeted at European level, “a rich action plan”, and monitoring of results thanks to regular carbon balance sheets. In total, the program aimed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from the Parisian territory by 75 % in 2050 compared to 2004.

The problem, continues the report, is that none of the three main intermediate objectives referred to by 2020 has been achieved. The first consisted of reducing the Paris greenhouse gas emissions by 25 %. In this case, the balance sheet remains positive: the emissions fell by around 20 % between 2004 and 2018.

“active policy”

TRAFFIC TRAFFIC TRAFERS have, in particular, fell by 34 %. The Regional Chamber of Accounts sees it as the fruit of the “active policy” led by the Rose-Rouge-Verte coalition which directs Paris to develop public transport and reduce the presence of the car: deployment of trams, lowering at 70 km/ H speed on the device, limitation to 30 km/h in most streets, hardening of the parking policy, incentive for the use of less polluting vehicles, boom in cycle paths, etc. The “antibagnole” action resolved by Anne Hidalgo and her team is thus validated by the magistrates.

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