Eurovision Gloubi-Boulga, it may be a detail for you

It was written. Saturday, May 14, in Turin, the great annual bad taste and bad music fair saw Ukraine and its group Kalush Orchestra triumph. Author of a title mixing hip-hop sounds and traditional flutes (the tililca and the sopilka, to be precise), the group was widely acclaimed by the public vote, sensitive to the context, obviously, and the history of the members of the group. All of the age of being mobilized, the six boys of Kalush Orchestra obtained an exemption to compete in the competition and had to return to the country, the next day, to participate in the war effort.

On stage, Kalush Orchestra had treated appearances. The leader and singer of the group, Oleh Psiuk, sported a thunderous bob fluorescent pink. Signature of the artist since always, according to a quick search on Google Images, the accessory in question allows us to remember that this pink, pushed in particular by the Valentino house, is one of the colors of the moment. And above all to say that, if the BOB has imposed itself in uses, it is for a very precise reason: flexible and rolling, it can, unlike many other models of hats, slip into a pocket.

a chance for embroidery

If the group did not do lace from a stylistic point of view, it has at least done in embroidery. Several of the members of the training carried a Vyshyvanka on stage. This traditional shirt with embroidered patterns is considered in Ukrainian folklore as a talisman protecting evil spirits. Celebrated every month of August in Ukraine as part of a national day of Vyshyvanka, this garment is so symbolically charged that we say there that a lucky person is a “born in a Vyshyvanka”.

at the foot of the podium

In this Gloubi-Boulga, it is with a certain astonishment that we distinguish an iconic pair of sneakers. The man on the ground, stuck in this perilous position, carries to the feet of the Puma, suede, black model. Launched in 1968 to counter the success of the Adidas Stan Smith, the suede quickly won the market. She even knew her hour of glory, on October 17, 1968, during the Mexico Olympics, when the African-American athletes Tommy Smith and John Carlos brandished his fist, as a sign of engagement against racism. In socks on the podium, they had removed their suede, placed next to it.


The outfit of the two men covered with an incredible mountain of black dreadlocks exceeding our analytical skills, let’s finish with a word on the double bass. Fumably, the musicians call her “grandmother”. Playing the double bass, in the slang of jazz, even says “to let go of the grandmother”. Why such a nickname? The most widespread thesis is that of a reference to the famous tale of musical pedagogy piccolo, sax and company, in which the serious sound of the double bass is the voice of the grandmother.

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