A slip of George W. Bush describes invasion of Iraq “unjustified”

Joe Biden is not the only one to get into his words. After saying President VolodyMyr Zelensky that he was “ window Churchill of our time “, former American president George W. Bush committed a slip. Wednesday, May 18, the 43 e President of the United States described as “brutal” and “unjustified” the invasion of … “Iraq”, before recovering and explaining that he wanted to talk about the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

George W. Bush made these statements on the occasion of a speech delivered Wednesday in Dallas, during which he criticized the Russian political system. “The result is an absence of brakes and counterweights in Russia, and the decision of a single man to launch a completely unjustified and brutal invasion of Iraq,” said George W. Bush, before recovering and shaking the head. “I mean, from Ukraine.” He put his error on the account of his age -75 years old -, which made his audience laugh.

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