War in Ukraine: kyiv’s triumphal discourse comes up against limits on ground

According to experts, deliveries of foreign weapons are insufficient to permanently repel the Russian forces in Donbass and the South.


Ukraine takes himself to dream of a complete liberation of its territory, not only of the areas occupied since February 24, but also of the “separatist” Donbass and the Crimea annexed in 2014. A succession of Russian tactical reverse And trampling in the Battle of Donbass for a month and a half generates a triumphant speech in kyiv. The senior Ukrainian military intelligence official, General Kyrylo Boudanov, told Sky News on Saturday May 14, that “the breakdown will be in the second part of August” and that “most combat actions Active will be completed by the end of this year. (…) Consequently, we will reinstate control of the Ukrainian government in all lost territories, including Donbass and Crimea “.

The Minister of Defense, Oleksiy Reznikov, estimated last week that the war “enters a new long -term phase”, in which the Russian forces will take a defensive posture to preserve the captured territories. Moscow first failed in early March in early March in the kyiv assault then to surround the bulk of the Ukrainian troops in the Donbass during the month of April.

The influx of Western military aid could promote or accelerate a switch to the balance of power in favor of the Ukrainian forces. The American president, Joe Biden, promulgated on May 9 a help program of $ 40 billion (38.4 billion euros). The Western allies of Ukraine provided approximately 120 long -range cannons, capable in principle to attack the Russian positions deeply behind the front lines.

“Going to the offensive is expensive “

For Ukrainian military expert Alexander Musienko, there is no doubt that a major Ukrainian counterattack will take place. “This counterattack will depend on the weapons that will be supplied by the West. This is a fundamental point. These are Caesar canons, which are of excellent quality. It is very important for us to be able to use them. We We will also have the Panzerhaubitze 2000 suburb and Multiple Himars and M270 multiple rocket launchers, which have a range greater than that of Russian artillery. It’s just 3 to 5 additional kilometers, but that makes a big difference. C ‘is enough for Ukrainian forces to keep secure positions while hitting the opponent’s shooting positions. “

The expert also highlights the key role that will play “weapons more specifically intended for the offensive, such as attack drones, armored vehicles and tanks of Soviet design which will be provided by the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia and Poland “.

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