France: bad assessment of deadly work accidents

In a manifesto, the European Confederation of Unions (CES) points to France’s poor results in terms of labor accidents. According to this document, hexagon should record nearly 8,000 additional deaths due to work by 2030, against 563 for Poland or 3,143 for Germany.


Is France really the worst student in Europe in labor accidents? On the occasion of the International Day for Commemoration of Workers who died or injured at work, the European Union Confederation (CES) A published a manifesto on April 28 to end the accidents at work deadly by 2030 within the European Union.

According to the figures put forward in this document, which takes up the Eurostat data , the number of fatal accidents at work has generally decreased in Europe in Europe, but it has increased in France: from 537 in 2010 to 803 in 2019. The country also records the highest incidence rate in Europe, with 3.53 fatal accidents on average for 100,000 workers.

If we report this rate to the weight of “at risk” activities in each country, France arrives second behind Luxembourg. With this sad record, France should record nearly 8,000 additional deaths due to work by 2030, against 563 for Poland or 3,143 for Germany.

On social networks, Jean-Luc Mélenchon a , accusing France of being “massacre champion: 1,200 death dead per year”. The leader of Insoumise France has taken up the figures of the annual health insurance report , which includes accidents at work stricto sensu, but also accidents on the home-work and death route to occupational diseases.

“We mix figures that are not comparable”

The opinion of Me Camille Pradel, a lawyer specialist in occupational health, “we mix figures that are not comparable”. The poor results of France would be explained in part by a procedure for recognizing accidents at work stricter than in other countries. In particular, the professional nature of an internal lesion (heart attack, rupture of aneurysm, etc.) is not automatically recognized in other countries; While in France, “all lesion in the workplace is presumed to be of professional origin”.

The fact remains that the number of labor accidents recorded has increased in France for ten years, except in 2020. According to health insurance, the increase in recent years is partly explained By lowering unemployment: related to the number of employees, the accident rate remains stable.

In its latest report, health insurance also highlights a “significant improvement in the quality of the recognition process” of fatal work accidents. One of the consequences of this improvement would be “a statistical increase in the number of AT recognitions [Labor accidents] resulting from discomfort” (180 more cases in 2019 compared to 2018).

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