4mlinux 39.0 distribution

Published Issue 4mlinux 39.0 , a minimalist custom distribution, which is not branching from other projects and using a JWM graphic environment. 4MLinux can be used not only as a Live environment to play multimedia files and solutions to user tasks, but also as a system to restore after failures and platform to run LAMP servers (Linux, Apache, MariaDB and PHP). Two iSO-image (1 GB, x86_64) with a graphic environment and a selection of programs for the download was prepared for download. Server systems.

In the new version:

  • The server includes a server with the realization of FSP (File Service Protocol), file transfer protocol on a network based on UDP. The GFTP program can be used as a client.
  • work on improving font drawing.
  • In the installation script, JBD disk partition support (Journaling Block Device) is improved.
  • in the list of applications available for quick installation, Added text editor bluefish , tools for creating USB carrier Ventoy and strategic game Triplea .
  • YouTube-DL utility is replaced with a more active analog analog YT-DLP.
  • updated software versions: Mesa 21.3.7, Wine 7.4, LibreOffice 7.3.1, Abiword 3.0.5, Gimp 2.10.30, Gnumeric 1.12.51, Dropbox 143.4.4161, Firefox 97.0.1, Chromium 98.0.4758, Thunderbird 91.6.1, Audacious 4.1, VLC 3.0.16, MPV 0.34.0, Apache 2.4.53, MARIADB 10.7.3, PHP 7.4.28, Perl 5.34.0, Python 3.9.9. Linux kernel updated to version 5.16.14.

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