Boris Johnson’s rating fell again

The rating of Prime Minister British Boris Johnson fell again, reaching another minimum from the moment he headed the government. This is reported by Yougov’s research agency according to the results of a public survey.

In the study, which was held from 11 to 12 January, was attended by 1666 citizens of Britain over 18 years. 72 percent of them stated that they have an unfavorable opinion about the Prime Minister, 20 percent expressed their favorable attitude towards Johnson and eight percent abstained from the answer. The data showed that Johnson gave way to the ex-Prime Minister of Teresa Mei, who set a record for anti-RUBS among the heads of the British government.

Premier British Prime Minister Boris Johnson apologized to the garden of his residence on Downing Street during a pandemic. According to the premier, he came to the party as he wanted to “thank employees” and after 25 minutes left it to return to work.

The fact that Johnson, despite the restrictions, was present at a party in his residence reported on December 20, 2021. The Guardian edition published a snapshot on which Johnson and his wife Carrie was captured at the table, next to them without compliance with the social distance are two more people.

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