Woman told about life with her hair

Aurizona resident reflected his hair to his knees and told about everyday life with such a long. The corresponding story appeared on Daily Mail.

According to the material, 29-year-old Glava Macapagal began to grow hair 11 years ago. She remembered that in the adolescence, I shook my strands to the waist level, but after moving from the Philippines in the United States decided to start them to grow. At the moment, the woman’s hair length is 91.4 centimeters.

According to Makapal, her hairstyles have a large number of advantages and minuses. For example, it created an account on the Onlyfans platform, whose users get access to content for a specific fee. The woman publishes his photos and videos on which she combs, stacked and washes hair, earning 500 dollars on such content (38.3 thousand rubles) per week.

“I get from 20 to 60 dollars (from 1500 to 4,600 rubles) for videos lasting from three to 15 minutes. Shot takes me quite a bit of time,” McAgapal assured.

Nevertheless, the woman emphasized that she was not just to care for his hairstyle. She admitted that it often comes on strands and cling them for the door. In addition, the heroine of the material is experiencing pain in the neck of gravity and often vacuuming in the house due to the large number of hair dropped in the rooms.

Despite this, Makagapal noted that it was not going to face. According to her, thanks to her hairstyle, she feels beautiful and often gets compliments from passersby on the street. “To make it easier to cope with the hair, I carefully care for them. I’ll my head once every two days and I use a good air conditioner. In addition, I do masks twice a week,” said Americana.

Earlier in January, the blog job revealed a way to quickly grow hair with a cheap tool. Taylor Rose assured that for hair care, it uses only Rosemary’s essential oil for two pounds sterling (207 rubles), which, according to her, can be purchased at any online store.

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