New ship with “caliber” will prepare for completion of state test

In Russia, the factory tests of a small rocket ship (IRK) “Cyclone” are completed, which will be able to carry Caliber’s winged missiles. The IRK project of 22800 “Karakurt” will prepare for the final stage of government tests. This was reported in the press service of the Black Sea Fleet, TASS reports.

The Radioelectronic and Radar Equipment was tested on the IRC, as well as weapons. A combat firing in anticators of marine and air objects was held on the Marine Polygon. During work on the ship, the life support systems, energy and survivability systems were tested, offline operation of communications.

“Cyclone” is tested for ship systems as part of preparation for the final stage of the state test. The press service noted that they would start next week.

The new ship is built at the Bay of Bay of Bay named after B. E. Butomos in Kerch. This is the first of the three IRC of the project 22800, which are built in Kerch. The basis of the shock armament of the ship was the universal ship rigine complex with “Calibr” missiles. Also, the ship received the anti-aircraft missile complex “Pancir-M”, an artillery installation of AK-176MA and large-caliber machine gun installations.

In October, in the publication The National Interest, they suggested that the project ships 22800 will be able to carry hypersonic missiles “Zircon”.

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