At Congress of France Universities, Emmanuel Macron presents its version of “University of Tomorrow”

In the closing of the France universities congress, Thursday, the head of state regretted “the intolerable mess” of failure in the first year and called the university to be “more efficiently professionalizing”.


An invitation to increase registration fees at the university? To question the Dual System between Grandes Schools and Universities? To rethink high school reform? Thursday, January 13, in a speech of nearly an hour in videoconference, Emmanuel Macron claimed to say things with “clarity and franchise” at the closing of the Congress of France Universities – New Appellation of the Conference of Universities Universities Unveiled the 50-year old of the association. It has only exposed to half-word its strategy “for the next ten years” in the field of higher education, as a future potential candidate for the presidential election.

Concerned to “look at reality in front”, the head of state regretted “the intolerable mess” of failure in first year of license, where, he says “only 50% of the students arise to exams “. However, means have been made since 2017 for the creation of 84,000 additional places in the first year of license, including 29,000 in personalized accompaniment courses, as well as for the revaluation of scholarships for three successive years.

In a sibylline conclusion suggesting that new forms of funding should be found by the universities, Mr. Macron estimated that “we can not remain sustainably in a system where higher education has no prices for Almost all students, where one-third of students are considered fellows and where you have so much student precariousness, and a difficulty finance a model much more funded by public money than around the world “.

“Rethinking deeply the orientation of young people”

The Elysee confirms, Friday, January 14, that “it is not forbidden to have private financing, a fortiori as part of the development of innovation and the creation of start-ups in the universities, Or in the context of lifelong continuing education “, two levers that the President of the Republic calls to develop. But, promised, “the state has invested in the university and will continue to invest”. No question of encouraging institutions to increase student registration fees – despite an attempt in this direction in 2018 targeting students from extractory countries. “The Head of State has made there only to draw up findings”, frames the Elysee.

On the orientation of the Bachelors, M. Macron observed that courseup, “great success”, remains a subject not yet “completely treated”, requiring “a work of clarification, field orientation, simplification “, in particular” in certain sectors “, which correspond to new” short “curricula that should be included in the assignment platform in higher education, specifies the Elysee.

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