US: warned about risk of collapse of country

According to experts involved in the study of civil wars, the situation in the United States looks very no matter. This was announced in an interview with Business Insider, a famous American historian, Professor of Yale University Timothy Snyder (Timothy Snyder). The interlocutor of the publication admitted that he has reasons to worry about the future of the country.

the historian explained that certain indicators inspire that the United States is on the threshold of a serious conflict. He believes that in the event of the victory of the ex-head of state, Donald Trump in the elections in 2024 there is a risk that the country may cease its existence in the current form.

Snyder noted that in the eyes of those who study the prerequisites for the emergence of civil wars, the situation in America “looks not very good.” In this regard, he drew attention to the high degree of polarization of society and honoring violence. “Sociologists who study the topic with a neutral position see certain indicators indicating that we are on the verge of outbreaks of some conflict,” the interlocutor of Business Insider said.

At the same time, he did not rule out that in the future the president of the country could be a person who, from a technical point of view, would lose the elections with an explicit margin. According to the Snidder, a series of “tricks” can contribute to this. This scenario can lead to civil war, and to the collapse of the country. “We are talking about a conflict that will lead to a political reconstruction, in which the US existence is impossible in the current form,” the historian concluded.

At the end of 2021, a professor of the Department of International Relations of the University of California in San Diego and a member of the Special Working Group of the CIA Barbara Walter was expressed. She stated that in the United States there are all signs that the country is on the threshold of the Civil War.

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