Offended bride spoiled 32 dresses in wedding salon

A resident of China dismissed the wedding salon for refusing to return her deposit, writes Sohu. The incident occurred on January 9 in the Jiangjin district of Chongqing, however, it is known about him only now.

The owner of the trading point refused to return a deposit for a dress in the amount of 900 pounds sterling (93.8 thousand rubles). The store did not want to give her funds due to the policies of non-return of advance payments. Then offended bride decided to take revenge and began to cut wedding dresses with scissors.

She cut into pieces and spoiled 32 models of dresses, the cost of which is estimated at 10 thousand pounds of sterling (about one million rubles).

Previously, a US resident showed a widowed outfit in social networks in secret from the groom and faced with the meanness of the network users. The 25-year-old Kay (Kay) was set up in a white wedding dress Maxi length with short sleeves and deep neckline. She posted a photo in the social network, in which her bridegroom does not have an account. After some time, her image became viral, and some users began to send a frame of her future husband in Facebook.

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