Tunis: hundreds of people manifest against President Kaïs Saïed

Despite the prohibition decreed by the authorities because of a strong resurgence of the CVIV-19 epidemic, several parties had announced the maintenance of their gatherings.

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In Tunisia, several hundred people have brave a significant security system and the prohibition of manifesting in sanitary measures, Friday, January 14, to mark their opposition to President Kaïs Saïed, have found journalists from the AFP. “At the bottom of the coup!”, Have shouted about 300 protesters gathered on Mohamed-V avenue in the center of Tunis.

An imposing police device has been put in place to prevent demonstrators from accessing the main street of the capital, Habib-Bourguiba Avenue. Protesters who have managed to break the police cord have been scattered with battles and tear gas, according to AFP journalists, who have also reported arrests.

Fifty people managed to get closer to the buildings of the Ministry of the Interior, in a street adjacent to Habib-Bourguiba Avenue. “You work for Sissi and the Emirates”, launched a woman at a police officer, allusion to the fact that the Egyptian leader and the Gulf country are accused by their detractors for supporting the coup of force of M . Saïed, July 25, 2021, when he arrogated the full powers.

Long live tensions with Ennahda

Despite the prohibition decreed by the authorities Wednesday due to a strong resurgence of the CVIV-19 epidemic, several political parties, including the formation of Islamist inspiration Ennahda, had announced the maintenance of their gatherings on Friday. Ennahda, in the viewfinder of President Saïed – who has suspended the Parliament that this party has controlled for about ten years – said “refuse the political instrumentalisation of the health situation to annihilate what remains fundamental rights and freedoms”.

These manifestations occur as the tensions between Ennahda and Mr. Saïed, already very strong since the July Coup, were climbed from a notch after the arrest, December 31, and hospitalization under police supervision From one of the strong men of the party, the former Minister of Justice Noureddine Bhiri. Jawhar Ben Mbarek, a figure of the Tunisian left at the head of a collective of opponents to the “coup” of President Saïed, was also present Friday in one of the events.

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