Government of Great Britain brought apologies to Elizabeth II

British government apologized to the royal family and Elizabeth II per party, which was held during a mourning before the funeral of Prince Philip, her husband of the British Queen. This conveys ABC News.

The party passed during Lokdaun in April 2021, when due to coronavirus restrictions Queen of Great Britain Elizabeth had to sit on the memorial service alone. The event was held for Johnson employees who gathered to dismiss from civil service.

In the office of the Prime Minister stressed that the politician was not present at the party. Johnson personally apologized to the queen. “Causes deep regret that the like that happened at the time when the whole country mourned [Prince Philip],” said the premiere statement published offices.

Premier British Prime Minister Boris Johnson apologized to the garden of his residence on Downing Street during a pandemic. According to the premiere, he came to the party, as he wanted to “thank employees,” and after 25 minutes left it to return to work.

The fact that Johnson attended the party in his residence, despite the restrictions, was reported on December 20, 2021. The Guardian edition published a snapshot on which Johnson and his wife Carrie was captured at the table, next to them without compliance with the social distance are two more people.

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