COVID-19: High Authority authorizes Novavax vaccine in France

The first injections of this vaccine, which uses a classic technology based on the messenger RNA, could take place “in early February”, last week the Ministry of Health said.

Le Monde with AFP

The High Authority of Health (HAS) authorized, Friday, January 14, the use in France of the Novavax American firm vaccine against coronavirus, more classic technology and different vaccines already widely used in the Union European. This vaccine had been approved on December 20 in the European Union and its use in France was conditioned in the opinion of the HAS.

This vaccine and that of Janssen (already available for over 55 years) can in some cases be “a useful alternative” for reluctant people to be injected with RNA messenger vaccines from Pfizer and Moderna, Judge HAS in his opinion.

The first injections in the Novavax vaccine could take place “in early February”, the Ministry of Health said last week. According to the department, France must receive “3.2 million doses” of this vaccine in the first quarter, and has asked an option for “3.2 million additional doses” in the second quarter. The first deliveries are expected “end of January” according to the ministry, but “signals indicate that there could be delays”.

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