“And health, especially”: embarrassing tradition of vows for 2022

It was already complicated to wish you a good year in 2021. The uncertainty related to persistent COVID-19, it becomes difficult to remain positive for 2022, or at least optimistic. Chronicle of a premature votive death.


And if, with this great accelerator that is Covid-19, it happened to the new year wishes what happened to the kiss: a disappearance put on the account of the pandemic whose pandemic we would accommodate strong Good ? The flow of cards on cardboard had grown over the years. The decline had started with the SMS silent at midnight, less than 50 years old who did not see the interest. Two years of pandemic have brought the blow to tradition. How could we wish anything? “Between COVID and politics, the year will still be rotten”, estimates a contractor who will not risk sending a greeting card: “we lack a little back on 2022.”

“Courage and sharing”

Be explicit about our lack of hope (“Dare these vows”) is uncomfortable. In early January, in this film distribution company, the cartons ready for international customers were caught up. No, we were not going to wish “A Great Year”, even less a “Amazing Year”, as usual. There is embarrassment to show too much euphoria; We finally opted for “Healthy and Prosperous” (“A healthy and prosperous year”). Consultant in Organization, Sylvie wished “a luminous and full of joy” to his clients. For 2022, it seemed more appropriate than to wish them “success in all [their] projects”. More likely, too. The unpublished formulas, type “courage and sharing”, sound better than a “good year, good health” curiously displaced.

“and health, especially!” Do not talk about it uncomfortable. Insist on, even joke, puts uncomfortable. The mutual framework that sent: “I wish you a happy new year and the most antibody possible. For you have to remain positive and also avoid being” did not receive answers to date. To promise that everything will be better in 2022, it is not possible. The blow of “soon the happy days”, Macron has already done it twice, not to mention his depressant: “Perhaps the year of exit of the epidemic.” Impossible, too, to wish himself a year ” better than the previous “(it’s new year 2021). “To a new beginning”, wants Flying Blue in his wishes to his members, starting with: “Even if the future remains uncertain.” We want to add: “Even if we will never take the plane again.” The wishes that contain the words “even if” or “despite”, it plumbs the atmosphere, it is still preferred not to receive. “I was wished” a year worse “, I found it well,” says Sylvain, an NGO employee.

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