ORPEA: government interviewed group of retirement homes

The action of the Orpea retirement homes group loses more than 15% on the Paris Stock Exchange Tuesday, after a suspension of twenty-four hours of its quotation following the announcement of the publication of a book denouncing serious failings in its establishments.

Le Monde with AFP and Reuters

The government interviewed Orpea following “serious allegations” in the book-investigation the graves, which accuses the group to focus on the profitability on the well-being of the elderly and decide whether there is appropriate Diligent an investigation, announced, Tuesday, January 25, the Minister of Health.

Stopped on the subject during the current issues meeting at the National Assembly, Olivier Véran said that the public authorities should the truth “to families, caregivers and residents”.

“Serious allegations”

“I asked the delegated minister in charge of autonomy, Brigitte Bourguignon, to immediately seize the group, so that answers can be brought,” he said, speaking of “Serious allegations”.

“In the light of these conclusions, I will see if there is a need for an investigation of the general inspection on the entire group to verify the procedures in force and what are the conditions with which they take in charge, “added the minister.

Following the publication by Le Monde, Monday, good leaves of the Victor Castanet journalist’s book, ORPEA suspended its quotation. The action suffered on Tuesday on the Paris Stock Exchange, falling 28.88% at the recovery.

The group of retirement homes, in a statement, disputed, Monday, “all of these charges that we consider as misleading, outrageous and detrimental”.

He added having grasped his lawyers about any judicial suite to be brought later.

In the survey published in Fayard, testimonials and documents include rationments of food and hygiene products to the detriment of the elderly supported in the ORPEA structures, which manages nearly 1,200 institutions in Europe and Latin America.

Socialist members favorable to a right of access for parliamentarians

In parallel, the socialist MPs asked Tuesday that parliamentarians could have a right to visit the EHPAD, on the model of what is practiced for the deprivation of liberty.

The parliamentarians must go to the EHPAD, “said the spokesman for the Socialist Group Boris Vallaud, asked about the revelations of the gravediggers.

At the initiative of the member Christine Pires Beaune, the socialist deputies wish, indeed, that parliamentarians have the right to visit EHPADs, hospitals and any structure whose residents or patients benefit from public support, ” Ultimately, as we have for prisons “. “These visits can make things happen. In case of malfunctions private groups risk the” Name and Shame “and this can have a beneficial effect on residents’ management,” said Christine Pires Beaune.

Since 2000, the law allows parliamentarians to visit the premises, retention centers, waiting areas and penitentiary institutions. In 2015, this right was expanded to closed educational centers.

The media echo given to the graduates allowed oppositions to denounce Emmanuel Macron’s “unwanted promises” on the broader subject of dependence.

Patron of the LR members, Damien Abad asked the implementation of general states of dependence.

“We can not continue like that,” he said by pinning the management by the government of the health crisis into the EHPAD. “She was an absolute disaster. The resuscitation doors were closed for EHPAD patients,” he criticized.

In 2018, Emmanuel Macron had promised a law on the dependency of the elderly, before this project is stored in the cartons. Measures for older age have been voted under the 2022 Social Security budget.

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