Caddy, supermarket trolley manufacturer, placed in judicial recovery

The company, which has already undergone two judicial adjustments in 2012 and 2014, declared itself in cessation of payments on Monday. It has a month and a half to find a buyer and save 140 jobs.

Le Monde with AFP

The famous manufacturer of caddy supermarket trolleys, who had declared Monday in cessation of payments, was placed in judicial recovery, Tuesday, January 4th. The company has a month and a half to find a buyer and save his 140 jobs in Alsace.

“The Tribunal returns the case to February 22, hoping for that date a solution with a buyer for Caddie,” said the President of the company, Stéphane Dedeu, at the end of the In camera hearing held in front of the Saverne Judicial Chamber (Bas-Rhin).

“We are pressed by time because the company needs cash to continue, so it’s important that the process is fast,” added the one who entered Caddie in the early 1990s as the seller, a Taken up the company in 2014 after a previous receivership. “Currently I do not have a track, but the procedure starts just,” said Dedieu, calling for his wishes a “industrial” buyer for this niche market “a beautiful brand, beautiful products and collaborators involved “.

” The state of society is really catastrophic “

For its part, reassured that the December salaries finally paid, Luc Strohmenger, Secretary CFTC of the Social and Economic Committee (CSE), wants priority to be given to “employment retention” on the now single site. production in Dettwiller (Bas-Rhin).

“The goal is to find a buyer as soon as possible because the state of society is really catastrophic. The goal is to maintain job as long as possible,” said CSE lawyer , Hervé Bertrand, evoking seven million euros of debts just over suppliers. “For me it is obvious that a beautiful house as caddy will necessarily attract an industrialist,” had declared Stéphane Dede on RMC before the court’s hearing.

The company, based in Dettwiller (Bas-Rhin), in Alsace, said Monday in cessation of payment due to an accumulation of difficulties that have exhausted its cash flow. The company, named the workshops gathered caddy, who invented in 1928 the metal trolley for supermarkets, has already undergone two judicial adjustments, in 2012 and in 2014. It has been 70% owned since 2018 by the Polish Damix, who had removed fifty jobs in 2020.

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