BIOS update broke Dell computers

Dell devices faced a problem with downloading computers after updating BIOS. This is reported by BleepingComputer edition.

After updating the BIOS – systems for the computer with connected devices – PCs of a number of users stopped turning on. For some owners of the devices, computers began to start, but almost immediately the BSOD error appeared on the device screen (Blue Screen of Death, “Blue Death Screen”).

Judging by the reviews in social networks and on thematic forums, the update led to the device breakdown of the DELL Inspiron 5680 and Alienware Aurora R8, as well as the Dell Latitude Laptop series 5320 and 5520. “When you press the power button, the indicator on it is lit for about 10 seconds, and Then goes back again, “said the media one of the users of Dell technology.

According to experts, at the moment there is no official way to correct the error, since Dell engineers have not yet responded to the problem. The social networks applies to the recommendation to roll back the BIOS update to the older version – in this case, the problems most often disappear.

In late November, Intel representatives recommended users to update the BIOS firmware to protect against three new vulnerabilities. With their help, attackers can get a high level of privileges on the device, which can lead to hacking equipment.

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