Proved exceptional use of masks in fight against Covid-19

An international group of scientists has proven that wearing masks is exceptional precautionary measure of precautions from SARS-COV-2 infection, which is not associated with vaccines, and reduces incidence by 53 percent. The results of the study are published in one of the leading scientific journals British Medical Journal.

Researchers conducted a metaanalysis of previous scientific work to determine the overall efficiency of public measures for the prevention of contamination of coronavirus, such as wearing masks, social distance and washing hands. Analysis included eight scientific studies that demonstrated a decrease in the incidence of COVID-19, associated with hand washing, by 53 percent, thanks to the wearing masks – by 53 percent and social distance – by 25 percent.

Total scientists reviewed 72 studies, 35 of which evaluated the effectiveness of individual prevention measures, and 37 – the effectiveness of the entire set of activities. However, due to the inhomogeneity of data, the metaanalysis of the results for the effectiveness of such measures, like quarantine, locarks, the closure of borders, schools and workplaces was impossible.

Studies conducted in the United States showed that the closure of schools reduced the incidence by 62 percent, and mortality is 58 percent. However, Japanese scientists did not reveal such a connection. In Saudi Arabia, a decrease in the incidence of COVID-19 by 4.9 percent eight weeks after the administration of quarantine was reported. India scientists recorded that in the absence of quarantine, the risk of transmission SARS-COV-2 increased 14 times. Studies conducted in the United States have demonstrated that the closure of jobs reduced the transfer by 12-16 percent. Study in South Africa showed that universal insulation reduced the risk of incidence of 14.1 percent.

/Media reports.