Indian spacecraft escaped a strike with American

The Indian Space Actuator CHANDRAYAAN-2 (CH2O) located on the near-channel orbit (CH2O) performed the deviation maneuver, which allowed to avoid rapprochement with the American Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) probe, reports the Indian Organization of Space Research.

Possible blow of two spacecraft could occur over the North Pole of the Natural Earth Satellite October 20 at 05:45 GRINVICH. According to the calculations conducted by Indian specialists, CH2O and LRO could get close to a distance of about three kilometers.

The maneuver of the Indian spacecraft, which allowed to avoid a possible collision with the American, was produced on October 18 at 2:52 PM GRINVICH.

CHANDRAYAAN-2 mission consists of orbital and landing machines. Launched in July 2019. In August of the same year, he went to the near orbit. In September 2019, the descent apparatus with a rover separated from orbital and made a rigid landing on the surface of the moon. The orbital apparatus is still valid.

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