Ukraine: truck failed to fountain

In the center of Kiev, not far from the station Metro “Arsenal”, a truck with water fell into a dry fountain. This mayor of Vitaly Klitschko reported in his Telegram channel.

He said that the fountain was opened only yesterday, September 1. The cause of the incident, the Kiev Gardener explained the driver’s laziness, which was driving bottled water into one of the neighboring institutions and decided to drive up closer to the entrance to the building. The mayor of the capital noted that the fountain tile coating was damaged as a result. He added that experts also check the state under the tile of nozzles.

Klitschko stressed that the project investor promised to restore the object until the end of the week. According to the urban chapter, the “Mount-driver” must compensate for the damage caused.

In June in Minsk, a man on a passenger car decided to take the Russian embassy to the ram. In full speed, he crashed into his gate, after which he jumped out of the car and passing through the fence to the territory of the diplomatic confinement. Later it turned out that the driver was in a state of narcotic intoxication.

/Media reports.