In United States, they talked about threatening French president of three crises

Administration of the US President Joe Bayden for seven months of his work collided immediately with three serious crises, which threaten her to further stay in power. This is described in the material Fox News TV channel.

So, the head of the White House and his subordinates were tight criticized due to the inability to competently organize the output of the American troops from Afghanistan. The greatest indignation was caused by the death of 13 US troops as a result of the attack of terrorists from Kabul airport, difficulty with the evacuation of American citizens and collaborating Afghans, as well as the fact that in the hands of the Militants of the Radical Movement “Taliban” (prohibited in Russia) turned out to be a huge number of US military Techniques on billions of dollars. In this regard, a number of political opponents of Byyden already called for him to resign. In particular, the deputy of the House of Representatives from Louisiana Clay Higgins said that the president should voluntarily leave his post, if he wants to “overcome the nightmare, which created.”

The pressure on Baiden and its administration also has confusion in the field of vaccination from coronavirus, which arose due to a number of presidential solutions. In particular, Biden had disagreements with a sanitary supervision of food and drug quality and medicines (FDA) of the United States, which is responsible for conducting a vaccination campaign among the population. According to Fox News, two high-ranking officials from the FDA are planned to resign in the coming months due to the supported by the Biden’s revaccination campaign, which was not approved by control.

In addition, the appearance of the head of state and its administration negatively affects the fact that some of the coronavirus restrictions themselves do not comply with the coronavirus restrictions, requiring this from ordinary Americans. So, recently senator from Massachusetts, Democrat Elizabeth Warren was seen without a mask at the wedding of the representative of the office of Baiden, the Minister of the Interior Déb Haranon. Half himself at the event was also without a mask.

Another test for the American leader became a hurricane “Ida”, which fell on the coast of the US Gulf of Mexico in August. It was reported that as a result of the impact of the elements of about a million, a person was left without electricity in the state of Louisiana, an infrastructure was also damaged in the Waterford NPP region. As Fox News notes, the accurate damage of the hurricane is still unknown, but it is already clear that it will be essential, and the recovery will take a long time.

As the TV channel emphasizes, each of these problems requires a rapid solution from the administration: on the one hand, to prevent further exacerbation of the situation, on the other – to calm the critics of the president.

Earlier, The Washington Post predicted that the output of the American troops from Afghanistan will not become the end of the “eternal war” for the United States, but will lead to the fact that the Administration of Byyden will be drawn into a new, even more dangerous phase of this conflict.

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