Russia: invented a way to combat “evil miners”

DNS shop has come up with ways to combat video cards and maneers. About this in its Facebook told the head of the retail chain Dmitry Alekseev.

Innovations are timed to the output of the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 Ti video card. Alekseev noticed that much less units of goods would be available on sale than those who wish to buy. In this regard, the leaders of the retailer introduced protection against equipment and miners: “Again, DNS will have to solve the lack of a deficit distribution task.”

According to Alekseev, you can only buy video cards online and only after registering on the site. And one of the registration is not enough – it is necessary that the consumer has previously ordered on the store’s website. The top manager admitted that he himself does not know all the conditions for the purchase of NVIDIA video cards: “I heard that such parameters were discussed as the amount of purchases, their number, cutting off the evil miners and overbugs. But I don’t know exactly anything.”

At the end of Sales, Alekseev promised to provide an impersonal shopping statistics. To test new rules, in DNS decided to spend a small sale at 12:00 local time Vladivostok (5:00 in Moscow). Later on the retailer website, there was information that all video cards were successfully implemented.

The shortage of video cards on the market is caused, including the lack of semiconductors necessary for their production. At the beginning of the summer, the General Director of NVIDIA Jensen Huang (Jensen Huang) said that prices for products grow from the fact that consumers are ready to overpay.

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