Montenegro: opposed citizenship for Russians

In Montenegro, opposed citizenship for Russians: residents of the country’s capital Podgorica went to protests. It is reported by “Balkan Observer” in Facebook .

People opposed the government’s intention to facilitate the conditions for obtaining the citizenship of Montenegro. Protesters chant: “This is not our government” and “we will protect Montenegro from enemies.”

Opposition Parties and Public organizations of the country believe that the authorities want to provide citizenship to thousands of people from Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Russia. After that, they will be able to include in the list of voters, “that will be ethnic, demographic and electoral engineering.”

“Balkan Observer” notes that, according to some estimates, citizenship will be able to get up to 15 thousand people. It allegedly drastically change the demographic situation in the country.

According to sources, the authorities of Montenegro want to enable citizenship for persons who have permission to temporarily residence in the country. Previously, citizenship could only be the right to accommodate.

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