Ambassador of Netherlands explained huge difference between Ukraine and Russia

Ambassador Extraordinary of the Netherlands to Ukraine Jennes de Mol told in an interview UNIAN about a huge difference between Ukraine and Russia.

“I worked in Russia for eight years. And everyone asks me:“ What’s the difference between Ukraine and Russia? ”I always say that the difference is huge, and this one word is freedom,” the diplomat said. p >

He added that in Ukraine “there is a slight chaos, it is not clear what will happen tomorrow.” At the same time, de Mol is confident that the country has freedom, joy, desire for change and initiative. “Take care, protect, develop this,” the ambassador wished.

Earlier, the US Embassy in Ukraine commented on the action of the Opposition Platform – For life “(HLE) against the” external control “of the country by the Americans. The embassy said the talk of external control is an attempt to turn the situation upside down. If the United States and its allies help Ukraine in any way, it is only at the request of its authorities in order to make the country “safer and richer, and to promote the implementation of Euro-Atlantic aspirations,” the diplomats assured.

Earlier it became known that The US State Department is preparing to allocate 800 thousand dollars to” assist Ukraine. ” According to unofficial data, from 2015 to 2020 inclusive, the United States provided a > Ukraine military aid totaling two billion dollars.