Zelensky explained goals of strict quarantine in Ukraine

The introduction of strict quarantine in Ukraine is necessary to reduce the number of patients with both coronavirus and seasonal flu to reduce the burden on hospitals, the president explained Vladimir Zelensky , according to the “Observer”.

According to the Ukrainian leader, at the same time, obtaining a “high-quality registered vaccine approved by WHO a> “.

As Zelensky noted, the introduced quarantine will be softer than the one that was introduced in the spring, and the measures are more loyal to business and the economy, unlike the measures in force in other countries.

Previously it was reported that the quarantine will last until January 24. Cafes, bars and restaurants in the country will be closed to visitors, but takeaway and delivery will continue to work. Markets, fitness rooms and entertainment venues are also closed, and mass events are prohibited. During the lockdown, schools and universities are closed, but kindergartens will continue to work.