Russians chose most promising professions in 2021

Every eighth Russian (13 percent) believes that the profession of an IT specialist will be the most promising specialty in 2021. This is stated in the research of the services “” and “Sberuslug”, reports TASS .

At the same time, 11 percent of Russians named programmers the most in demand in the labor market, another 1 percent of Russians mentioned developers and system administrators.

It is also indicated that 8 percent of the respondents chose the medical profession as the most relevant in the coming year. At the same time, medical workers and infectious disease specialists were chosen by 3 percent of the respondents, and virologists and pharmacists – by 1 percent.

Some of the respondents consider the professions of deputy (4 percent), president (3 percent) and minister (2 percent) to be the most promising and relevant in 2021. 3 percent of the survey participants singled out entrepreneurs and construction workers as the most promising specialists in the next year.

Another 2 percent of Russians believe that the most relevant specialists will be engineers, directors, marketers, logisticians, workers and all specialties where you can work remotely. Some of the respondents (4 percent each) believe in the prospects of such professions as courier, manager and salesman.

Previously, the Russians chose the most noble profession of 2020. The list was headed by the work of doctors, for which 29 percent of respondents voted. About 10 percent of respondents chose a teacher, another 4 percent named the professions of a rescuer and a courier as such.