Emmanuel Faux, voice of Europe 1 for thirty years, died

The journalist joined the radio in 1987 as a correspondent in Moscow, then in Jerusalem. He then presented the newspapers on most information slices.

Le Monde

The journalist Emmanuel Faux, great voice of Europe 1 for thirty years, died, announced, Saturday August 6, The former information director of TF1, Robert Namias . “He had everything of a big one: culture, experience and immense generosity,” he paid tribute to him on Twitter.

Death of Emmanuel Faux, beautiful and great voice from Europe1 for 30 years. He had everything of a big one, the culture, the expense… https://t.co/wjqitmziju

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“Working with Emmanuel Faux was as pleasant as they are drinking. He was (…) A journalist who marked the life of the editorial staff” of Europe 1, a Hailed Stéphane Place , great reporter for the same radio. “He was a journalist with multiple talents, a man of immense culture and a benevolent colleague”, also underlined Lionel Gougot , correspondent of Europe 1 in the Hauts-de-France.

Passionate about political and international news, Emmanuel Faux, son of Gisèle Halimi, had joined the editorial staff of Europe 1 in 1987 as a correspondent in Moscow, then in Jerusalem. Until 2017, he then presented the newspapers on most of the information slices, Recalls the radio , and had taken the head of the program” It happened Tomorrow “after the departure of Dominique Souchier.

“Force of the event, Magic of Direct, Strength of the story, Magic of Discovery. I lived all these happiness here in complete freedom, for thirty years. And this freedom is also the Magic of Europe 1, of which you are, auditors, the demanding witnesses. Thank you, and above all continue to be at the rendezvous of this magic, “said the journalist during his departure from the radio in 2017 .

Emmanuel Faux had also written or participated in works, such as Plumes de l’Embre, the Negroes of politicians, the right hand of God, investigation into Mitterrand and the extreme right, and the Arafat affair, The strange death of the Palestinian leader.

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