Ayo: “Any wave is not for you. You have to choose your own”

“A sand castle with …”, season III (3/6). Every Saturday, during the summer, “Le Monde” takes an artist at the beach. Today, the singer – and surfer – who has just published the album “Royal”, during a stop in Bastia, on her festivals tour.


“i’d swim a million miles for you/ i’d follow the star/ i would be be afraid to die it was the only way to get to where you are/ your love is like the ocean I WANNA Dive Into … “(” I would swim a million miles for you/ I would continue a star/ I would not be afraid to die if it was the only way to join you/ your love is like the ocean in which I want Diving “) sing Ayo on Royal, his new album. Santa-Maria-Di-Lota beach, north of Bastia (Haute-Corse), singer Joy Ogunmakin (civil status) picks small pebbles polished by the ocean for a pearl necklace that she does not Never will. She proclaims it to whoever wants to hear it: water is its element. “It all starts and everything ends up. When I am in the water, I feel like I am part of the world. I am in my mother’s belly. All my problems disappear. When I was little, I Licked my hand because it was salty. And when I cry, it is salt water flowing. “

White laurels and pink bougainvilliers, fragrant figuiers and olive bushes bend under the gusts of libeccio, this wind “Rompi Cuglione”, “Casse-Couille”, as a shady corse is all at the time at the door of his shop. The singer smiles perpetually. The fault of his name: joy, joy, ayo, in Yoruba, the language of his African father … “In Nigeria, the first name that one gives to a child is the first blessing. He is what we become.” C ‘is even the title, playing on the words, of the book she started to write: Definition of Joy. How do we define joy? “The smile has always been the only thing you couldn’t take away from me. It was even surprising for others because I was smiling all the time. When I arrived in Paris, in the metro, people looked at me as If I was crazy, she confides. Thanks to my first name, I have always been a happy child. And the days of sadness, I could create my own world, and to withdraw, and survive. That in the end, I think it always comes back to that: what you believe, exists! Tomorrow is an invention. “

” a source of inspiration “

1976. In Cologne, West Germany, Julius-Taiye Ogunmakin, who came five years earlier from Nigeria to study electronics engineering, DJ in the evening to earn a living, meets Alexandra Baranowsky, a pretty ten-year Roma His youngest and her son Sascha. He adopts both. Joy Ogunmakin was born on September 14, 1980. Follow Dennis and Eileen. Joy is 6 years old when her mother falls into heroin. The children will, from there, to navigate between host families and orphanages. She is 14 years old when she finally returns to live with her father.

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